We believe in looking a little deeper because there's more to a meaningful conversation than just the words. Something magical happens beyond the obvious when people understand you. That's why we help people to dig deep to create real connections and meaningful relationships through communication. It's the little things that matter, after all. Accent Artisan can teach you all of these fine details. We can tell you where to put your tongue, your lips etc. to build up your muscle memory and we can coach you to manage your fear of talking. We can even teach you a genuine standard British or American accent. All of our specialized techniques are designed to help you express your true self.

How does it work?
1. You listen to pairs of sounds and decide if they are the same or not.
2. After we show you how to move your mouth to get the correct sounds out, you are able to practice both general sounds and sounds that are specific to either British or American based English. 3. Once you master the pronunciation of entire sentences, we introduce you to stress patterns.
4. You then learn how to incorporate melody and rhythm into your speech.
5. Following, you are exposed to the specific vocabulary of your chosen accent – either British or American.
6. Finally, you practice putting it all together in a unique blend that showcases your own personality.

Why does it matter?
- Don't be perceived as a generic stereotype. People who speak with a strong foreign accent are perceived as 30% less trustworthy.
- Create deeper bonds with your bosses and colleagues. People with great English pronunciation skills earn on average 40% more.
- Have courage to clearly say what needs to be said. Companies lose 30% of productivity due to miscommunication.

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