In 2016, an estimated 60% of the world’s population owned a mobile phone. Statista predicts that the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to surpass the five billion mark by 2019. People spending more and more time interacting through their phones has become a key feature of the evolving world. This is a lot different from when the Internet started in the 2000’s, the smartphone has allowed users to stay plugged in and connected with what is going on. People over at Hackernoon have compiled some data to help us understand better the patterns of mobile phone usage. How much time do you think people spend on their phones per day? 4 hours, 5 hours, 1 hour? If you said 3 hours then you are just about right. People spend roughly about 1/8th of their day interacting with their mobile phones. That is about 90 hours a month give or take. Of all the available means of digital media consumption, the smartphone remains way ahead of the pack and it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Mobile technology has transformed all aspects of our life. Its virtual access to the Internet, in particular, has served as a means to quench our thirst for information. The Mobile technology has obliged us to learn, and so far it has presented numerous facets from which we can access such education. That it has empowered knowledge and allowed it to transcend the walls of a classroom or the pages of a textbook. It has placed us in this maze where there is no wrong turn when it comes to learning.

The world is increasingly becoming globalized and English is the major language powering this rising interconnectivity in different parts of the world. There are so many people around the world who are trying to learn a language, and English being the most popular one. The number of English learners has increased steadily over the past years and it will continue to do so with no signs of slowing down.

These people who are trying to learn English are hindered by so many things, sometimes it could be the system of learning in the classroom or even on the Internet pages. It could be even the alarming cost of attending these classes. In some rare cases which still exist, even with the funding available, people still cannot get access to proper tutoring.

The core of Accent Artisan is allowing these people, regardless of location, status or history. Anyone with a smartphone and Internet connection can have access to this App regardless of prevailing circumstances or demographic. A chance to add a very important communication skill and catch up with the evolving world. The world for English and non-English speakers are starkly different.

Accent Artisan aims to do its part in helping to resolve most of the challenges these learners face when trying to pick up the English language. Accent Artisan takes complete advantage of the mobile technology platform and in turn, these mobile phones then become the teacher. A teacher you can take anywhere, a teacher you spend an average of 3 hours daily with. A teacher that optimizes your learning patterns and morphs its lectures into what you immediately need.  A free, competent and flexible teacher! This is what Accent Artisan represents; a language teacher befit of the evolving world. A system of learning how to speak proper English that you can take with you anywhere and use at any time of your choosing. There are no more limitations with this App, people from all corners of the earth have access to the VERY SAME education. Start learning today.

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