The Warmup: Prime Yourself for Success!

A warmup is good for more than just physical exercise. Are you struggling to speak in a new language? Do you want to sound more assertive? Are you gearing up to tackle something hard?…

Why you have no personality (Answer: You have to make one)

Personality is the idea that people act predictably; we have habits that define how we see and behave in the world. These habits help us excel at some things and struggle with others. So what’s the problem with personality? For one, our ideas about our…

My Accent Story

Me and My Accent I don’t remember ever thinking a good accent was particularly important, but I have always somehow wanted one. I have hoped to have a native-like accent for the longest time. Today, I can come up with a host of reasons why I consider it crucial, but when…

Build memory and train muscles: An easy formula for success

How should we improve our memory as we learn a foreign accent? Which principles help us learn this and other skills? Well, when you learn something, it helps to make connections between new and old information. Already know how to make your body stronger or faster? Then this article…

Supercharge your brain!

Body or mind? Is it really mind over matter? I think most people would lean towards saying yes. Our mind and our brain is the king, the pilot, or the CEO of this thing that is our body. All you need to do is will your body to sit down and learn that piece of grammar, or the new vocabulary, and…
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