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With Accent Artisan, you can take advantage of mobile technology and turn it into a teacher that optimizes your learning patterns and morphs into what you immediately need. Accent Artisan is a language teacher that teaches you to speak like a native.

Positive vs. Negative Motivation: Where does the power lie?

Learning a new skill takes practice and patience, but for many of us that’s easier said than done. A lot of that difficulty comes down to motivation. Many of us tend to struggle with motivation as we feel we have no control over it.

Kinaesthetic Intelligence & Language Learning

What is kinaesthetic intelligence? It may not seem obvious, but speaking a foreign language has a lot to do with physical ability. Speech itself involves what is known as “bodily kinaesthetic intelligence”—the capacity to exploit a range…

3 Everyday Tips to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

THE COMFORT ZONE Ah, the comfort zone. We’ve all heard of that cozy, warm and yet highly dangerous place. For all its snugness, it’s a place that stunts growth. We tend to think of ‘getting out of the comfort…

3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Emotional Intelligence (And Why You Should)

INTELLIGENCE… WHERE’S THE BAR? Does the name Walter O’Brien
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