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With Accent Artisan, you can take advantage of mobile technology and turn it into a teacher that optimizes your learning patterns and morphs into what you immediately need. Accent Artisan is a language teacher that teaches you to speak like a native.

Čo by nás mohol naučiť starogrécky učiteľ?

Bolo to len pred pár rokmi, čo náš učiteľ na strednej škole behal po triede a s vášňou vykladal o filozofií. Veľakrát som sa s ním hádal, pretože som sa s jeho názormi vôbec nestotožňoval. Na jednej hodine však získal moju plnú pozornosť. Bola to hodina o Sofistoch. Sofisti boli…

Kinaesthetic Intelligence & Language Learning

What is kinaesthetic intelligence? It may not seem obvious, but speaking a foreign language has a lot to do with physical ability. Speech itself involves what is known as “bodily kinaesthetic intelligence”—the capacity to exploit a range…

Memorization – What’s It Good For?

Memorization is a crucial asset of our mental function. The usefulness of this ability extends to everything from drilling multiplication tables to recalling four-digit PIN numbers. In language-learning, memorization…

The Secrets of Successful Learning-Olga’s Story (in English)

ENGLISH VERSION This is a special post. It is written by one of our fans. Olga speaks Kazakh and Russian. She has started learning Czech and took a course with me to unravel the secrets of this language that is often perceived as hard to learn. This is her story. Hope you like it! …
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