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Aj ty berieš svoj prízvuk na ľahkú váhu?

Bol to môj predposledný rok na strednej škole, keď som sa rozhodol ísť na erazmus pre stredoškolákov. Okolo 6 krajín sa do tohto programu zapojilo a každým rokom si školy navzájom vymieňali študentov. Ja osobne som mal možnosť zavítať na Slovinsko. Spoznal som mnoho ľudí, precvičil som si…

Sexism, Racism… Accentism?

Your brain on patterns Our human brains are extraordinary in many different ways. However, as technology keeps accomplishing more and more we begin to see machines do the things that were once considered inherently human. Not only have machines exceeded our own…

The Secrets of Successful Learning-Olga’s Story (in English)

ENGLISH VERSION This is a special post. It is written by one of our fans. Olga speaks Kazakh and Russian. She has started learning Czech and took a course with me to unravel the secrets of this language that is often perceived as hard to learn. This is her story. Hope you like it! …

How You Can Become Superhuman/Deep Freeze for a Superbrain

Becoming Superhuman Have you ever wanted to make yourself more that just a man? To become superhuman? Have you ever dreamt about having powers or capabilities beyond ordinary people? I’m willing to bet that you have, so what if I told you there is a way to make you…cool…

My Accent Story

Me and My Accent I don’t remember ever thinking a good accent was particularly important, but I have always somehow wanted one. I have hoped to have a native-like accent for the longest time. Today, I can come up with a host of reasons why I consider it crucial, but when…
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