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Čo by nás mohol naučiť starogrécky učiteľ?

Bolo to len pred pár rokmi, čo náš učiteľ na strednej škole behal po triede a s vášňou vykladal o filozofií. Veľakrát som sa s ním hádal, pretože som sa s jeho názormi vôbec nestotožňoval. Na jednej hodine však získal moju plnú pozornosť. Bola to hodina o Sofistoch. Sofisti boli…

The Warmup: Prime Yourself for Success!

A warmup is good for more than just physical exercise. Are you struggling to speak in a new language? Do you want to sound more assertive? Are you gearing up to tackle something hard?…

Build memory and train muscles: An easy formula for success

How should we improve our memory as we learn a foreign accent? Which principles help us learn this and other skills? Well, when you learn something, it helps to make connections between new and old information. Already know how to make your body stronger or faster? Then this article…


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