Fuckup Management

Do you have the balls to fuckup?

You better because sooner or later you will fuckup!


Because nobody’s perfect. It can be a silly mistake or a perfect storm, but you know a crisis is coming… If you look past the panic, you’ll see that the strength to handle it slumbers inside you. Many people choose to pretend no bad thing can ever happen and if it does they’ll just wing it. This is how jobs are terminated, friendships are destroyed and even lives are lost. We believe in looking deeper. Past one’s doubts and fears lies bravery. Don’t wait for the dragon of chaos to come to your door. Sharpen your sword, take your shield and face it on your own terms. Great leaders are always prepared for their worst-case scenarios while hoping they never come to pass. Pressure makes diamonds. It is challenges that make us grow as individuals and become important members of our teams. We must face our fears. It’s not about not being afraid. It’s about building courage.

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Over 2000 people have been trained with our methodology to improve interpersonal relationships and business prospects alike. The Fuckup Management is relevant to all sectors including, but not limited to, the public sector, finance sector, IT sector, and the private sector. Our methodology works to build your courage by:
● Teaching clients how to breathe, use positive self-talk, set small goals and mentally rehearse worst case scenarios. This develops their PHYSICAL AWARENESS, which helps to stop the onset of panic.
● Coaching clients to SHARE THEIR FEARS to build trust and courage by acknowledging one’s weaknesses. Face your fears. Become a hero. You will learn how to accept responsibility, why leaders eat last and that heroes and cowards feel the same thing. The difference is in how they act.

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Fuckup Management

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This workshop will teach the benefits of building up your courage, facing difficult situations and prepares you for more advanced Panic skills.


The workshop is where we build upon courage cultivation that has been worked on in the Courage workshop with more specific techniques.


This workshop focuses on what it takes to build self-confidence that could be used to not only elevate oneself but to also help others.


In this workshop you will learn how to take full advantage of a plethora of techniques that you can use at work as well as your day to day life.

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