The Fuckup Courage workshop shows you why it is important to face your fears and your fuckups. It outlines the main benefits of building up your courage, facing difficult situations and prepares you for more advanced skills found in the Fuckup Panic workshop. It lays out proper structures and provides space for clients to practice relevant skills while monitoring their progress.

● Understand the importance of facing your fears and fuckups to build courage
● Understand how your world is shaped by limits you have imposed on yourself and how to overcome them


This workshop is the perfect beginning. It is ideal for connecting your team’s members on an emotional level while simultaneously building up their mutual trust.

10000 CZK


Time: 2 hours
Ideal Size: up to 8 people
Learning Outcomes: This workshop will help to articulate your fears, so you feel more confident. It also gives you a thirst for more challenges to smash through and expand your limits to accomplish more.

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