The Fuckup Panic workshop is where we build upon courage cultivation that has been worked on in the Fuckup Courage workshop with more specific techniques.

● You’ll learn how to deal with the onset of physical panic through a proven 4 step technique used by the US military
● Learn how to sort out your emotions and thoughts in a high pressure situations


This workshop is a little more on the practice side. It helps you to build a foundational habit of overcoming panic through a series of specific steps. Gain a sense of control in a fucked-up situation. It also trains your team to develop laser-like focus on things under their control and not get overwhelmed by the crisis itself.

10000 CZK


Time: 2 hours
Ideal Size: up to 8 people
Learning Outcomes: You will learn specific steps that help you to control your body’s stress and fear response. Learn to interpret panic as excitement and use it as high-pressure negotiation manoeuvres.

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