TThe Fuckup Responsibility workshop shows you the value of taking responsibility for your own and your team’s fuckups.

● Learn to become more assertive
● Learn to take and articulate responsibility for fuckups and successes
● Learn to take care of yourself and your team


This workshop focuses on what it takes to build self-confidence that could be used to not only elevate oneself but to also help others. It asks the question of how you help your team members to feel strong and good about themselves. You understand that dealing with fuckups needs courage and the ability to control panic. This workshop deals with proper communication within the team.

10000 CZK


Time: 2 hours
Ideal Size: up to 8 people
Learning Outcomes: TYou will understand the value of facing a fucked-up situation. See the difference between being an authority and taking responsibility as a leader. You will also learn how to help your colleagues to grow and elevate the team as a whole.

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