Have you ever felt a sexual tension between you and a colleague?

Of Course !


Because you’re not a robot sent from the future to destroy humanity! Attraction is in our nature and serves as a powerful motivator for a plethora of actions. It is impossible to turn our biology off just because you’re at work. But…You don’t have to be a slave to it by blindly denying its existence either. We believe you should acknowledge it and learn how to direct this raw energy into productivity and growth. Men and women commonly grow up differently and use different communication channels. While women may tend to build bonds through verbal communication, men may have a tendency to create their bonds through shared activities. It’s about communication. We have been sharing our workspaces with each other in more significant numbers for merely about 40 years. No wonder no one is really sure how to optimize working with each other. Even though we have more in common than what separates us, we are different beasts. We believe in bringing together the best of both worlds to optimize productivity and raise work satisfaction.

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● Teaching clients about the role of mostly male AGGRESIVENESS. It is determined by levels of testosterone and needs to be cultivated, not ignored or suppressed.
● Coaching clients to COMMUNICATE CLEARLY and ASSERTIVELY by determining their roles and self-image.

Welcome your libido. Channel its flow. You will learn how to acknowledge your compulsions and enjoy the rush you before you consciously decide where you want to direct their power. Own it to control it.

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The workshop shows you why it is important to understand different communication strategies used by women and men


It looks at the role of testosterone in men in relation to aggression and teaches on how to handle a rising aggression.


It looks at strategies that help especially women find positions within the majority and the optimal level of assertiveness.

Libido at Your Service

Clients develop the ability and mindset to enjoy the rush associated with this primordial instinct but maintaining control.

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