The Your Libido workshop shows you why it is important to understand different communication strategies most commonly used by women and most commonly used by men. If you want to maximise the productivity output of every member of your team, this workshop is a great way to start. It shows you how to exercise impulse control effectively and prepares you for more advanced skills found in the Macho Man and Sexy chic workshops. It lays out proper structures and provides space for clients to practice relevant skills while monitoring their progress.

● Understand the role of social dynamics in relation to productivity
● Optimise communication style between team members by understanding your temperamental make-up


This workshop is the perfect beginning. It is ideal for strengthening your team’s relationships, which turns into a stronger and clearer message about your company and its experts.

10000 CZK


Time: 2 hours
Ideal Size: up to 8 people
Learning Outcomes: This program shows you how to leverage the strengths and weaknesses of different communication strategies to increase your team’s productivity.

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