This workshop is the perfect beginning. It is ideal for building up your team’s confidence, which turns into a stronger and clearer message about your company and its experts.

● Understand the importance of speaking and get in touch with the power of your voice.
● Understand how your world is shaped by what you say and how you say it.


The Speaker’s Motivation workshop shows you why it is important to face your fear of public speaking. It outlines the main benefits of improving your public speaking (especially when speaking in English), and prepares you for more advanced skills found in the workshops. It lays out proper structures and provides space for clients to practice relevant techniques while monitoring their progress.

10000 CZK


Time: 2 hours
Ideal Size: up to 8 people
Learning Outcomes: This program shows you what you can do when you have a thirst for improving your speaking skills and building confidence in communicating.

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