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Adam Carson

Founder, polyglot, teacher, language methodologist, coach

He developed the Accent Artisan methodology and used himself as the first guinea pig. He went through the entire education system starting with foreign languages at elementary school and keeping that interest all the way to a master’s degree in communication. Merely mastering grammar and vocabulary wasn’t enough though and his constant desire to speak like a native speaker led him to create a training that allows anyone to speak like a native speaker of a given language because he’s interested in forming meaningful relationships with people.

Jan Hovad

Co-founder, developer, tech mastermind, creator

He went through the full and complete training regime from a technical lyceum to a doctorate from a well-respected university. But then he decided to take his education fully into his own hands … In business, he personally worked on projects in the US and China, he built habits and was always looking for the best way to widen his knowledge in fields such as engineering, IT, geography, foreign languages, graphics, economics, astronomy, and medicine. In addition to linear approaches, however, he equally uses zen-like techniques and seeks alternative ways for effective learning and work. He founded and programmed the project

Michal Richter

Business developer

Right after finishing his university studies, he jumped into sales. His passion for building networks with like-minded people eventually led him into starting a number of his own business ventures. He understands the importance of communication when developing relationships with others and being able to speak their language as best as possible. He helps us spread the good word about Accent Artisan wherever he can.

Alex Mikušincová

Account manager, sales, language enthusiast

Even before getting her badge of engineership in economics, she was already working in sales. Not only that, she has always been interested in foreign languages, which led her to become a polyglot. Ever since her university days, she was interested in international business and sales so she could take advantage of her language skills. It was never only about the sale for her though as taking care of those who have already made a purchase was always equally if not more important to her.